1715 New London Connecticut Handwritten Deed

1715 New London Connecticut Handwritten Deed


This is a 1715 land deed from Plainfield New London County in the 'Collony' of Connecticut between Samuel Spaulding (1686-1749) and an Ephraim Wheolon (sic) - not sure of Ephraim's last name. It was recorded by a Thomas Williams, the recorder of deed for the Collony of Connecticut in 1715. This is an entirely handwritten deed in English and is 303 years old. It is difficult to read because of the tiny writing and the spelling of some of the words. Spelling was not normalized in 1715 and most spelled a word by how it sounded. This was for a piece of land that sold for 10 pounds, 15 shillings and referred to as having 'good satisfaction and comfort'. This was a deed between two people without a judge involved and you can see where the other person had to have his name signed for him and he added his mark or 'X'.

Samuel Spaulding was a husbandsman who resided in Plainfield, New London County in the Collony of Connecticut and was a member of some of the earliest settlers of CT. It is 7.5" x 12.5".

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