1761 Richard Hockley Signature on Payment Chit

1761 Richard Hockley Signature on Payment Chit


This is a receipt from 1761 to a John Gilliland for the survey of 184 acres on February 14, 1737. It was signed by Richard Hockley as Keeper of the Seal for the colony of Pennsylvania. John Gililand operated a mill on Opossom Creek which was known as Gilliland's Mill.

Richard Hockley was an important player in colonial Pennsylvania and a protege of John Penn(son of William Penn). He was also John's business partner and attorney. He got his start in a counting house and began to move among Philadelphia' s colonial leaders. By 1746, he owned Colladay's Paper mills in Chester County and had interests in iron manufacturing in Berks and Lancaster counties. In 1753, he was appointed Receiver General of Pennsylvania and Keeper of the Seal in which capacity he collected quit-rents. It gave him the opportunity to secure large numbers of land grants. He resigned in 1772 to become Auditor General of Pennsylvania and also served as naval officer for the port of Philadelphia 1773-1774.

It is 2.5" x 6.5".

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