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1814 New-England Primer -Original and RARE

1814 New-England Primer -Original and RARE


An original 1814 edition of "The New-England Primer, or, an easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading: Adorned with cuts: to which is added, the catechism". Add this RARE little book to your collection of children's book as the gem of your collection. Finding these little books in this condition is rare. It measures 3" x 4.5".

In the early part of the 19th century, it was still not normal for books to be written for children, especially school books that taught reading, writing and spelling. This rare little book is bound in wood boards but is missing its spine. The frontispiece is attached with old cellophane tape but is otherwise very clean. There are pages that teach words in syllables, teaching words through pictures, alphabet letters and religious teachings. It is illustrated with very tiny woodcuts and is complete as the last page says 'finis'. It was published by Isiah Thomas and Co in Walpole, NH.

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