1816 Deerhide Document/Travel Box Made in Boston


This is a deerhide document box that is lined with pages from the Boston Patriot newspaper from 1816. It is in excellent condition for a 'traveling' box and I am sure spent many days and nights either lashed to the back of a coach or sitting inside a traveling conveyance beside its owner. It has an intact interior vapor barrier, a complete lock box, intact leather hinges, both leather thong 'hinges' to hold the box in an open position while in use and surprisingly, the original leather thongs that are nailed lengthwise to the lid of the trunk to hold documents out of the way of the inside 'working' space of the box. It's owner was proud of his box and had his initials 'SS' displayed prominently across the front of the box. Much of the deer hair is missing but there is certainly enough left to give the box its great look. An amazing and early box, it is 12" long x 8" wide x 6.5" tall.

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