1827 Ten Sermons on Protestant Texts -'Dunkers'


This is a book of sermons given by Ludwig Hofacker (1798-1828) who was a force in the German Lutheran church even though he died at the young age of 30 years. writer.  The Church of the Brethren follow his teachings and are part of the larger AnaBaptist movement. In its early years, the Church of the Brethren were called the German Baptist Brethren but were sometimes called 'Dunkers'. 
This book is from 1827 and is from the Lancaster County, PA area where there is a large Brethren community. The most intriguing part of this particular book is a history of sorts that are contained within the frontispieces and the empty back pages of the book. The dates range from 1796 to 1853 and, of course, are written in German. It may be a short family history that surrounds the birth and death of family members. In between two pages are the pressed remains of what is probably a red rose...from a bridal bouquet? or a funeral arrangement? There are even entries with question marks included in the text.
This is a very interesting puzzle that would be wonderful to interpret to see what was being written in this book for over 50 years.
It measures 4.5" x 8" x 2.25".

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My Living Room 2018

My tastes in furniture and antiques are taking me earlier into our past and my living room right now my favorite room in my home. That grain painted wardrobe that you can see in this picture will soon be replaced by an 18th century highboy that I fell in love with while up in New England a few months ago.