Early 19th Century Painted Silhouette in It's Original Frame


This is an early 19th century painted silhouette that was also known as a 'profile miniature', 'shadow portrait' or 'shade'. Painted silhouettes had a big advantage over the better known 'cut and paste' or 'hollow cut' silhouette in that it was not only easier to make but it lent itself to quick and accurate copies. These silhouettes could be used like the wallet-sized school portraits of today. They were given out as gifts to loved ones, given to mourners after funerals, and they could be 'updated' as fashions changed without the subject having to return to the silhouettist's studio for another sitting. Painted silhouettes were produced on paper, plaster, ivory, and glass with the paper silhouette painted with india ink or watercolors. This silhouette is on paper and is painted with ink. It is in its original frame and is rare compared to the silhouettes that we collect today. 

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