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1843 New-England Primer - Original and RARE

1843 New-England Primer - Original and RARE


This is the 1843 edition of The New-England Primer printed in Hartford, CT that was printed and sold by Ira Webster. It is original and RARE. It is an exact re-print of the 1777 edition that was printed in Boston, MA. It is 4" x 5". Add this rare little book to your primitive home as part of a vignette or laying on other early school books and papers. For at least one hundred years the New-England Primer was the school book of the Dissenters of America and for another hundred years it was frequently reprinted for use in schools.

This little book is in its original wood (pine) covers and has its original paper spine. In very good shape, it is a rare piece of our early history.

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