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1849 The American Angler's Guide by John J Brown - EXTREMELY RARE

1849 The American Angler's Guide by John J Brown - EXTREMELY RARE


This is an extremely rare copy of the 1849 third edition of:

"The American Angler's Guide; or, Complete Fisher's Manual for the United States: containing the opinions and practices of experienced anglers of both hemispheres. with the addition of a Second Part containing over one hundred pages of useful and instructive information".

It is the third edition and the first edition to contain the Part II. It has all of its plates intact and has color engravings on the contents pages. It is written by John J Brown who was a New York City tackle dealer whose shop, Anglers' Depot, was one of the few tackle shops in the United States at the time. He draws heavily on English books and manuscripts and, as such, isn't very accurate in his description of American fish species. An interesting part of Part II is the history of American fishing that is not available in other editions.

Another point that makes this book interesting is the signature of the owner of this book. It is Samuel Lockwood Jr and he has dated his signature to 1868. You can learn more about Samuel Lockwood here:

In the notes found in this rare book, Dr Lockwood is critiquing a lecture given by Captain Nathaniel Ellis Atwood at the Essex Institute in Salem, MA. You can learn more about Capt Atwood here:

Dr Lockwood, who worked for Dr Louis Agassiz from 1868 to 1872 (a naturalist and scientist who founded the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University) did not seem too impressed with Atwood's talk and has made many notations on where Atwood was wrong in his talk.

What a great gift for the fisherman or angler in your life!

The handwritten notes of Samuel Lockwood and info on Capt Atwood will be included with the book in this posting.

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