18th Century New England Graduated Crotal 'Bells'

A set of huge 18th century graduated crotal 'bells' that are from New England and have the maker's mark on the larger 'bells' and the size markings on the smaller sizes. The set contains individual 'bells' that are in descending and then ascending sizes from one side to the other side. The 'bells', or rattles, have their little clay balls on the inside and have the best Christmas bell sound! They are on their original leather strap and would have been draped across the front of a large work horse like a Clydesdale as they either pulled a work wagon or a sleigh in the winter. Hang these crotal 'bells' on your front door or on the side of a cupboard so you can ring them each time you walk by them. They are 44" long. Offered with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.