18th Century Adult Size Unfinished Leather 'Clog' Uppers

18th Century Adult Size Unfinished Leather 'Clog' Uppers

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These are amazing! They are a pair of adult size 'clogs' that would have had a wood sole on them when finished and ready to wear. The tiny clogs worn by children and toddlers are often seen (I have one tiny shoe available for sale) but these full sized shoes are rarely seen and usually not in pairs. They were farm shoes or a pair of early 'wellies' that would have protected the owner from the mud and water when walking outside either at home on the farm or when in town. They were for the working person who had to walk instead of ride in coaches like the upper class folks.

This pair of leather 'uppers' are in great shape for their age and only need a bit of leather preservative to make them pliable again. Found in an early home in Andover, NH, these show the care taken by the shoemaker who made them. They are a piece of our early history that are as rare as they are unusual.

They are 11" long x 5" tall at their highest point.

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