18th Century Wrought Iron Spiral Courting Candle

18th Century Wrought Iron Spiral Courting Candle


The history of the courting candlestick is that it was popular in Germany in the 1700s. It was brought to the American colonies by Pennsylvania-German settlers and were used by a girl's father to set time limits when suitors came to court their daughters. He would twist the candle to a certain height and, when the candle burnt down to the top of the candleholder, the young man was expected to go home.  If a father approved of the young man courting his daughter, he could add time to the visit by placing the candle tab lower in the spiral so it would take longer for the candle to burn down. Every family had one of these courting candle regardless of their standing in the community or their financial circumstances. 

This candle is all original right down to its original wood base and still works as well as it did when it was brand new. I love the shape of the finger tab with its nicely flattened top and sharp tab end. This great little candle stands 8.5" tall.

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