19th Century Pennsylvania German Iron Utensil Holder

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This is a mid to late 19th century Pennsylvania German handmade iron utensil holder that was found in Lancaster County, PA. The name Pennsylvania Dutch - to describe the Amish or Mennonite sects living in Pennsylvania - is a mispronounciation of Pennsylvania 'Deutch' so this wonderful iron utensil holder is of German origin and you can see their whimsey at work even in a 'work-a-day' or utilitarian piece like this piece. It measures 17" long x 10" tall.

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My living room 2018

Make sure to click on each picture to see the entire picture and its description! Finally! I have gotten a chance to take some pics of my home. Most of these pictures are of my living room that is set up as a lawyer's office from the early 1800s. (Yes! I am crazy!) This first pic is what you see when you walk into my living room and look to the right.