A Late 18th Century Tin Double Crusie Lamp with Square Reflectors

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A late 18th to very early 19th century double crusie that still has remnants of the fat used for fluid in the crusie base with more in the bottom crusie so that the lamp is difficult to separate into the top and bottom reservoirs. Found in New Hampshire, it is a 'fresh to the market' antique and in excellent and original condition. It stands 8.5" tall and with the hanging hook, it is 12" tall.

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My living room 2018

Make sure to click on each picture to see the entire picture and its description! Finally! I have gotten a chance to take some pics of my home. Most of these pictures are of my living room that is set up as a lawyer's office from the early 1800s. (Yes! I am crazy!) This first pic is what you see when you walk into my living room and look to the right.