The Atlanta Guano Company Letter with Letterhead

The Atlanta Guano Company Letter with Letterhead


A neat and interesting letter from The Atlanta Guano Company discussing the sale of seagull guano to a customer. In the late 1800's, seagull and other animal guano was considered to be wonderful fertilizer for your garden. Some of the larger companies had started a type of 'war' over the right to harvest guano from Caribbean islands. There was actually an international 'Guano War' among many nations. The Atlantic Guano Company was in court several times over seagull and bat guano.

In 1856 The United States would pass the Guano Islands Act that allowed the U.S. to grab any unclaimed or uninhabited island that had guano on it. This excrement would also be required to be sold to U.S. farmers at reasonable prices. 

This is an interesting time in our history that is not well known and definitely not taught in school.

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