Antique German Putz Farm - Four Piece Set


A beautiful little four piece farm set found in Lancaster County, PA that was once used in putz displays at Christmas. It is made of wood and was very probably made in Germany and shipped over to be sold in the local Woolworth or 5 & 10 cent store. The barn has that wonderful 'steeple' on top and two doors that open. There is also a hen house, a feeding trough and an Erzgebirge pine tree. The sheep and chickens are not included in the price of the set but are also offered for sale on my website.

The barn is *' tall to the top of the steeple, 4.75" tall to the top of the side roof, 7.5" wide and 2" deep. the chicken house is 4.5" tall to the top of the roof, 6" long and 2.75" deep.

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My living room 2018

Make sure to click on each picture to see the entire picture and its description! Finally! I have gotten a chance to take some pics of my home. Most of these pictures are of my living room that is set up as a lawyer's office from the early 1800s. (Yes! I am crazy!) This first pic is what you see when you walk into my living room and look to the right.