Antique NECCO Sweet Orange Slices Pantry Box with Bright Advertising Label


A turn of the century pantry box that once held sweet orange slice candy from the NECCO (New England Confectionery Company) Company.  Necco dated its origins to Chase and Company, a company founded by brothers Oliver R. and Silas Edwin Chase in 1847 who, in 1901, merged with Ball and Fobes and Bird, Wright and Company to become NECCO. They were headquartered in Revere, MA and were known for their NECCO wafers. Some of the other long-lasting candies - that are still produced today by other companies were Sweet Orange Slices, NECCO Sweethearts, Clark Bar candy bars, and Mary Janes.

This pantry box has a label that is in excellent shape with no missing pieces or torn areas. The colors are a bit muted but it is still a beautiful box and will be a wonderful addition to your collection. It has a 6.5" top diameter and stands 3" tall. 

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