Attic Finish 'Out of Round' Pantry Box


This is a very interesting large (13"x 14" top diameter x 7" tall) covered oak pantry box in its original patina. It may have been made on the farm that it was used because it is so 'out of round'. The bottom of the box has had an extra piece added to it where the  box was nailed together. The wonderful very early nails were probably also made on the farm and whoevey made it was not proficient in making these bentwood boxes. There is a line of startler scratches for the actual 'round' box but instead the maker had to fiddle around with the seam. The edge is champhered (which is lovely and quirky) possibly because the piece was too thick at its edges. Strpng and sturdy, it is a wonderful very primitive antique pantry box.

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