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Circa 1800 Antique Telescoping Glasses

Circa 1800 Antique Telescoping Glasses


A pair of circa 1800 eyeglasses with telescoping temples. It is 5" from temple to temple x 4" long x 5.5" long when telescoping.There are loops at the end of each temple to allow for the addition of a cord. Eyeglass temples were invented in 1727 and revolutionized the wearing of glasses. The side pieces of these glasses are of the 18th century design with the temples having a sliding design that allowed the owner to adjust their length. A cord could then be used to extend the length of the temples to fit properly. The hinges on the glasses are most probably from the late 1700's so these glasses are probably 1780-1820. The construction of the bridge was common in the late 1700's but its shape is more in tune with the early 1800's so an age of circa 1800 is the safest way to age these glasses.

The document is not included in the price of the glasses.

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