Civil War Colonel Chandler's Book


This very sad book was first written in mid 1864 and was approved by Lt.-Col Chandler's family. In this, a first edition, there is no picture of the Colonel but in subsequent editions, his picture is seen at the front of the book. Lt-Colonel Chandler was an engineer in the 57th Massachusetts was supposedly killed in battle near Hanover Court-House in VA but was found to have been captured by the Confederates and later died in their care. He was the eldest son of T.P. Chandler, Assistant Treasurer of the United States. He was approximately 24 years old when he died and this is a compilation of his service, letter concerning his death from the Confederate Colonel Harris on his death, letters of condolence, and his obituary. A very sad little book but also one of praise for a young man who gave his life for the Union. Being offered with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING, this little book would be a wonderful addition to any Civil War collector's library.