Early 1800s Tin Petticoat Peg Lamp

Early 1800s Tin Petticoat Peg Lamp

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This little petticoat peg lamp is a transitional lamp that was made to take the place of candles in the family home in the early 1800s. It used whale oil and was the 'newest thing' in lighting at the time. It was an exciting new way to cheaply upgrade your old hogscraper or other candlestick to a new whale oil lamp. These lamps were called 'petticoat' lamps because of that rounded tin 'skirt' on the lamp. The little 'peg' lamps had a tube under that skirt that would fit into the hole on the candlestick where the candle would go.  They didn't give off as much light as the candles but were considered to be safer than the open flames.

This one was originally painted a bright orange/red and would have been a fancy addition to a person's home. You can see remnants of the orange/red paint on the lamp. It is 4.5" tall and has all of its parts as you can see in the pictures. 

The hogscraper shown in the picture is not included in the price of the lamp.

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