Early 19th Century Hanging Tin Camphene Lamp

Early 19th Century Hanging Tin Camphene Lamp

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This is a rare little tin lamp and you can see its brass 'camphene' tube. It is a hanging camphene fluid lamp that is from the early 1800s. It produced a bright light but was so volatile that it was only a popular type of lamp fluid for about 20 years. It replaced whale oil as the most popular form of lighting fluid around 1837 but was then replaced by kerosene starting in 1859. Camphene was made by distillng oil of turpentine over lime which was a dangerous process in itself. Camphene burned bright and hot through tiny brass tubes that had to be set at an angle to reduce the possibility of burns or fires. As a lighting instrument it was very dangerous, but as a piece of early lighting it makes a great, and rare, addition to your early lighting collection.

It measures 12" long to the top of the hanger and 8" long to the top of the lamp.

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