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1808 Levi Bartlett Signature on NH Warrant

1808 Levi Bartlett Signature on NH Warrant


This is a warrant for a man who was accused of beating another man in his home. The warrant is signed by Dr Levi Bartlett (1763-1828), JOP for Kingston, NH. The warrant was served by the constable, Oliver Welch, (on the back of this paper) and the defendant was brought before Judge Bartlett for 'examination and trial'.

Dr. Levi Bartlett, Esq. (3 September 1763 – 30 January 1828) was a doctor, judge, politician, and post master from Kingston, NH. He was the son of Dr. Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795) of Kingston, signer of the Declaration of Independence and veteran of the Revolutionary War, as well as New Hampshire’s first governor. Levi Bartlett studied medicine with both his father and Thomas Kittredge of Andover MA, and acquired his legal training from his father. He was a Justice to the Court of Common Pleas in Rockingham County and the Circuit Court, served the community extensively as a doctor, and served in the New Hampshire Militia during the Revolutionary War and as being Kingston’s representative to the NH Legislature.


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