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1844 German Birth Certificate

1844 German Birth Certificate


This is the Birth and Baptismal Certificate (Geburts und Taufschein) for Joseph Zeimer

Bealer/Behler born on October 20, 1844 in Brecknock, Berks County, PA. His father's name was Joseph Bealer/Behler and his mother's name was Elizabeth (Zeimer) Bealer/Behler. Little Joseph lived to be 72 years old and had seven children with his wife, Mary Ann (Zerbe) Bealer/Behler. Looks like someone made a few mistakes with little Joseph's birth and baptismal certificate that had to be corrected. The colors of the birds and angels are beautiful and were all hand-painted by one of the artists that worked for Johann Ritter in his Reading, PA studio.

My use of the two surnames when speaking about Joseph and his parents shows the possible spellings of that surname which could change depending on who was writing the name. On this certificate it spelled 'Behler' while on census documents, the family's name is sometime spelled 'Bealer'. 

It is 16" x 19".


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