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German Lithographed Putz Village-Antique

German Lithographed Putz Village-Antique


A 14 piece German village with lithographed faces that are very intricate in their design. The set includes a church with steeple, ten large bulidings and three smaller buildings. The red and black base is not included in the price of the village.

Made in the Erzgebirge region, which is the upper western part of the Ore Mountains in the east of Germany, these little sets were made and then sold in Woolworth's for a traditon that was started by German immigrants in 1800's Pennsylvania. 

The church stands 4.5" tall to the top of its steeple, the large buildings stand 2.25" tall, and the small buildings stand 1.5" tall.

Any excess shipping charges will be refunded to the customer’s original form of payment.


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