Late 18th C Small Free-Blown Glass Flask for Mineral Water

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A small, late 18th century free-blown glass flask that has a wonderful 'broken' pontil on the bottom. It held that miraculous, medicinal drink - mineral water.  

In colonial America, natural springs were believed to have healing and therapeutic effects and bottled water was often sold as a medicinal remedy by the local apothecaries. This continued until the 1900's in both America and England. In 1783, Johann Jacob Schweppes began to bottle this 'miraculous' drink and Schweppes is still sold today.

This little 5.75" long x 2.75" wide (at its widest point) bottle was made to lay on its side or carried in a flask hanger to keep its cork cap from drying out. This allowed the mineral water to stay carbonated and in its medicinal state.

Not only is this flask a part of our early history but it is amazing that it has survived until today without an cracks, chips, or breakage.

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