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18th Century Iron "Alpine" Rush Light in Original Black Paint

18th Century Iron "Alpine" Rush Light in Original Black Paint


A very fine example of an 18th Century painted iron "Alpine"  rush/dipped wood splinter light. It is circa 1740-1780 with that Shepard's Crook twisted handle that ends in a diminutive pig tail. It has fully flattened penny feet and a nice triangular shaped rolled bottom pan that has a drip hole on the base that would reduce the amount of tallow build-up on the base.

These rare candle holders rarely come onto the market. They are made to hold either tallow dipped wood splinters or dipped twisted rush splints. It could also hold a candle but since candles were so expensive at this time, it was probably used with splints.  The  spring holder on the could be adjusted to hold thick wood splinters or the smaller, lighter rush splints.

It stands 9.5" tall and the base is 6" long.

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