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Late 18th Century Small Wood and Glass Lantern w/Provenance

Late 18th Century Small Wood and Glass Lantern w/Provenance


This beautiful small late 18th century wood and glass barn or privy lantern has a bit of provenance to go with it. A lantern with the same design and triangular cutouts on the top third of each one of its wood supports was made by the same unknown lanterner (or lantern maker) as the lantern being offered in this update. That other lantern resides in the Historic New England lighting collection. ( Both lanterns also have small 'feet' that are the base of each corner frame (one of the feet on this lantern missing part of its wood) and have the same design of the smoke 'chimney' at the top of the lantern. There was never a cover over the smoke hole in either lantern and the lantern in this update is complete except for the door handle that was replaced at some time in the history of the lantern, and possibly one replaced glass panel. 

The museum's lantern was once in the collection of Bertram and Nina Fletcher Little who resided at Cogswell's Grant in Essex, MA.

My little lantern stands 5" x 5" x 8" high.

Found in Pennsylvania, this little lantern is amazing and beautiful. Insurance will be included and the lantern will be well-packed and protected.

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