Mid 18th Century American Colonial Period Fur Trader's Balance Scale

Mid 18th Century American Colonial Period Fur Trader's Balance Scale


This is either a French or English fur trader's balance scale that is lightweight, easy to fold up, and easy to transport. It is typical of the style of scales used during the fur trade in mid to late 18th century America and is a true masterpiece of a blacksmith's skill in turning raw wrought iron into this true piece of art. Even with a replaced 'S' hook on the right side of the scale, it is still in perfect balance as it hangs in the first picture of this listing. The board it is hanging on is standing upright (not leaning) and the scale naturally positioned itself in this position. It has the most wonderful three-prong long wavy hooks on either side with the balancing mechanism in perfect working order. A known weight would have been placed on one side with the furs or hides on the other side to determine the price to be negotiated for the fur or hide. It could hang on a tree branch as the negotiations were discussed and then the balance could be folded up and stowed away until the next trading area was reached. 

This is a rare and beautiful part of our early colonial period in America and can still be used today hang your herbs or flowers - or added to your collection of early American antiques.

It is 14" tall x 16" wide.

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