Mid 19th Century Ambrotype of Blind (?) Woman with Interesting Hands


This is a mid 19th century 2.5" x 2" ambrotype of what looks like an older lady who is either blind, very sick, or even possibly dead. Her hands, that cannot be seen unless the brass frame is removed, are flaccid with her fingers entwined in a very strange way. She also has what looks like two large black dots on one hand and, this may sound strange, right below and to the right of those two dots it looks like there is a badger face and a little fox face drawn into the area to the right of her arm. Both of these drawn faces are in color with the fox having black ears and a red face. I have blown up the picture as far as I am able and it still looks like drawings of two animals. Her cape is completely engulfing her with a small pin holding it together in the center of her torso and only a small section of her white sleeve can be seen in the picture. It is 2" x 2.5".

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