Miniature Painting in Bone Frame - Circa 1860-1870

Miniature Painting in Bone Frame - Circa 1860-1870


A wonderful and amazing miniature portrait of Marianna Marchesa Florenzi in an off-the-shoulder dark red velvet dress, a pearl droplet 'head chain', and an intricately designed hairstyle. She is hand-painted on an oval sliver of ivory and framed in an intricately pieced bone frame. She also retains her original paper backing. Her original painting is in the Gallery of Beauties in the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich.

These little 'souvenirs' were all the rage in the mid to late 1800's and would grace the walls of middle and upper class homes. They were copies of well-know real life portraits of famous people and were purchased and displayed to show the owner's good taste in home decoration. 

Place her on a dark painted wall or in a cuboard, on a candlestand or side table to bring out the color and beauty of this little minature portrait.

This miniature portrait measures 3.25" x 4.25".

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