Exempting Disabled Solders From Licensing Fees - NY Times 3/23/1866

Exempting Disabled Solders From Licensing Fees - NY Times 3/23/1866


This is an original edition of the NY Times from March 23, 1866. In it is much information on the English views on President Johnson's most recent speech and his tenure as President of the United States. Johnson had vetoed the Freedmen's Bureau. There are responses from several English newspapers. The proceedings of the 40th Congress is included along with articles with these titles:

GREAT FIRE IN CINCINNATI: Destruction of Pike's Opera House--Loss $500,000, Sale of Scranton Coal--Another Fall in Prices, METROPOLITAN BOARD OF HEALTH.; Washington Market and its Surroundings--A Plague Spot Demanding Excision. There are also articles on 'The Ladies of Baltimore' who were raising money for the devastated Southern states, Preparations for Laying the Atlantic Telegraph and many other articles about the continuing Recostruction of the South, the Internal Revenue Service in NYC, and even an article on spring and summer fashions.

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