Expectation of a Veto on the Civil Rights Bill - NY Times 3/26/1866


The top left hand headline of this edition is 'Expectation of a Veto on the Civil Rights Bill. Under the smaller title of 'Politics' below the fold of the front page is a listing of several US newspapers and their take on Washington politics which is very interesting. Articles on Reconstruction are numerous and there is even an article concerning the 'young people' from the north who are attempting to go South to make their fortunes who later received the term 'Carpetbaggers', There is also a several page and column article titled 'From Mobile To Nashville' that was subtitled 'On Horseback Through Alabama' that tells of one NY Times correspondent's trip through the south. These and many other articles discuss Reconstruction in 1866.

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My Living Room 2018

My tastes in furniture and antiques are taking me earlier into our past and my living room right now my favorite room in my home. That grain painted wardrobe that you can see in this picture will soon be replaced by an 18th century highboy that I fell in love with while up in New England a few months ago.