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Pair of Circa 1700 Saxony Pewter Candlesticks

Pair of Circa 1700 Saxony Pewter Candlesticks


 A wonderful pair of circa 1700 pewter candlesticks in the shape of Saxony soldiers. Saxony became part of Germany in the 1800's and you can tell they are from Saxony because of their uniforms. One of the hatchets in the hand of one of the soldiers is no longer attached at its base. 

These two candlesticks are engraved at their base and have their touchmarks on their undersides. These 300+ year old pewter candlesticks are in excellent shape and would be great additions to your pewter or candlestick collection. The candles are included in the price of the candlesticks.

They each stand approximately 7" tall.

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