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18th Century Roast Beef & Pork 'Cartoon'

18th Century Roast Beef & Pork 'Cartoon'


An 18th century woodcut titled 'Roast Beef & Port orBully Bramble Esq Justice of Peace in Wasp Town' April 17th 1772. This is an original and not a newly printed copy of this 252 year old woodcut.

"It is a portrait of a stout man facing T.Q. to right, looking to left over his right shoulder. His left hand is thrust under his buttoned coat; his right (gloved) rests on a cane." as quoted from the Library of Congress ; Control Number2006685175. It is also in the Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires preserved in the Department of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum.

It is 8" x 11"

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