Small Early 19th Century Priming Horn with Great Color

Small Early 19th Century Priming Horn with Great Color


This is an early19th century priming horn that has a wonderful patina to its surface. It does have a crack on one side but that just adds to the primitive look of this horn. This is a priming horn and not a true powder horn. It is a 19th century horn because of the large number of nails or tacks used in the construction of the horn. In the 18th century, nails were expensive if you bought English imports and not as well-made if made by American blacksmiths. 

Priming powder horns were filled with fine priming powder that was poured into the priming pan of a musket and were smaller than the normal powder horn measuring only 5-6" in length. This fine powder was ignited by sparks given off by the striking of the flint against the frizzen. It has the owner's initials carved into the wood plug at it's large end and great screw marks or scribe marks on the smaller end. 

It is 7" long.

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