Tiny Child's Antique Leather and Wood Clog


A tiny antique child, or infant's, leather and wood clog, it may be as old as the mid 1700's but is probably from the early 1900's. These shoes had many names and were worn in many places that would include a mill, factory, warehouse, and around the farm to keep your feet safe and dry no matter where you worked or walked. It may have been the first shoe of a little child when they were learning to walk and would have been passed down through the children of the family. It has a wooden sole that is secured with tiny square nails that is in remarkably good shape for a utilitarian piece of footware. There is also another possible explanation for the good condition of the wooden sole....Even though the upper and the metal clasp are degraded, the little sole is in very good shape without the wear and tear that would come with a child wearing this shoe, so it may also be a 'hidden shoe' or a 'concealed shoe'. These hidden or concealed shoes were often found in groupings of 1 to 6 mismatched shoes of both children and adults. In past centuries, it was a custom in some countries (including right here in the United States) for a shoe or shoes to be hidden in the walls, floors, or fireplaces of a new home. They were hidden in walls and floors to help trap or repel bad spirits and witches from entering your home or in the hearth area to keep bad spirits and witches from the heart of the home. Found in New England, this is a neat little piece of our early history.It is 5" long and 2" high at its tallest point.

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