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Tiny "Notice Board' or Bread Board

Tiny "Notice Board' or Bread Board


This is a little breadboard with wonderful patina. I am always thinking of ways to add 'layers' to the design on my tavern room and one of those ideas was to make my own notice board. These boards were used in early tavern rooms for local announcements, the posting of warrants, advertising your business and church information.Early tavern rooms were not only a place to relax and have a drink, meet with business partners, or stay the night. They were also gathering places for families on Sundays after hours at prayer in the local meeting house or church. It was a place to meet friends, rest before the long road home, and to have something to eat. 

The large 'notice board' in the pictures above is my own board that is actually a thin breadboard covered with some of my personal early ephemera. It adds that community feel to my tavern room and I love it.

The small board that is for sale measures 10" x 13" tall


Any excess shipping charges will be refunded to the customer’s original form of payment.


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