Victorian Era Child's Fishing Game

Victorian Era Child's Fishing Game


This is an early Victorian era child's fishing game that has versions still available today. Of course today we have plastic fish and fishing rods along with safe plastic fishing hooks. There is also a version of this old game that can still be found in carnivals and circus side shows today. In some instances, you pick a duck up as it floats by you and the number on the bottom decides what prize you win. There are also the original fishing games that can still be found at school and community carnivals today. I am sure you have all participated in this game where you - or your child - is given a fishing rod and then you fling it across a barrier to the back where a fish (in a wading pool) is 'caught' on the end of your line and you have won a great prize. How fun that was - and still is today to get that prize and carry it around all day long.

This version of the game has a wooden dowel as the fishing pole, metal wire for the hook, and wonderful pottery fish with numbers on their bellies! How wonderful is this little game? with its original box and great graphics still intact on the top. The box measures 18" long x 2.5" wide x 1.75" tall.

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