Winterberry Farm At Home

 I am proud to announce the addition of this page where I can add pictures and little stories about our home. 

Believe it or not, we live in a typical development home from the late 1980's and when we moved in over 30 years ago, we had stark white walls and gold carpet throughout the entire house with vinyl flooring in the foyer, kitchen, and bathrooms. Our home was also only 1600 square feet until we added our great room with its walk-in fireplace, oak beams, and random width Southern heart pine floors. Over the years we have been priviledged to have been in three magazines and have drastically changed the look and feel of our home as we travel further back in time to - what I hope is - the look and feel of colonial America.

Within the next few weeks, I will be adding pictures and descriptions of the work we have done to make our  home look as if it could have been built 200 years ago. You will also be able to watch my progression as I paint a mural going up our staircase and as we decorate for autumn and then for Christmas this year! 

So 'watch this space' as I try to document life here at home at 'The Farm'!


My Living Room 2018

My tastes in furniture and antiques are taking me earlier into our past and my living room right now my favorite room in my home. That grain painted wardrobe that you can see in this picture will soon be replaced by an 18th century highboy that I fell in love with while up in New England a few months ago.